Here are just a few of the awesome drills you can enjoy with PuttPucks






We all know when we practice putting we should keep our heads down, but how do you get the feedback on whether the ball went dead straight, a fraction left or a fraction right? Simply by hitting any paced putt against your PuttPucks you will received instant feedback via the return path of the ball as to whether it hit the Puck square on, slightly left or slightly right. Use all the Pucks together or move from Large, to Medium to Small. 



Arrange the 3 Pucks in a line, around a pae apart. The aim is to hit the angle on the Outer and Middle Pucks, so that the ball deflects and finishes roughly the same point on the other side. Repeat through the other side and keep going as long as you can. You'll find this drill really focusses you on a tiny target point, which brings great benefits next time you're on the course. 


Warning!! This is one addictive game. Place the 3 Pucks in a rown a pace apart and start with your ball in position 1 around a pace from the centre Puck. Putt through the right side of the Pucks and keep putting through the right side each time. This ay look easy, but the angle narrows after each putt and whilst you have more angle to play with the further you hit through, the return is then more challenging. Get to 11 pass throughs you can show off. Get to 13 you are smashing it. Beyond this, mostly unheard of! 


Another challenge that makes practice addictive. Place the Inner and Middle Pucks around a pace apart and the Outer Puck two paces away. Hit the ball to the Outer Puck with enough precision and force that it returns back through the gate. If it's easy, narrow the gate, but don't be fooled. As simple as this looks if you can get to 10 in a row, you're putting stroke is spot on.  

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